In a personal discussion we will work out together how you would like to present your company or product to your target group.

What exactly would you like to promote?

To get the most out of a photo project, we define what the actual “product” is. Is it about the company as a whole or should a specific product be promoted?

What is your advertising message?

Is it for example the speed of a machine or a special material property of a product or the reliability of your team?

Who is your target group?

Depending on the target group, certain elements in an image can play a correspondingly more important role. Is it a B2B or B2C product?

Is there a corporate identity?

Do you already have a special “look”, a color scheme, etc. that should be included or special wishes?

The right choice of motifs.

Which specific motifs are suitable for your image brochure or website? Which motifs are suitable as crowd-pullers for your trade fair stand?

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