Industry Photography

My task is not only to depict the product, but also the vision behind it.

There is much more behind a photo that is supposed to reach a certain goal than a good camera. Much more than a whole piece of equipment and much more than applied craftsmanship. A decisive component of goal-oriented advertising is to address the subconscious of the viewer through an individual mixture of the most diverse photographic stylistic devices and psychological aspects. The first step is to arouse the viewer’s attention through the aesthetics of an image and immediately cast a spell over him, then to guide his gaze through an image within fractions of a second and let him discover and find what he is looking for.

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Drehrohr Steuler Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf

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I photograph...


Images that appear authentic and not staged: Employees are shown focused and concentrated “in their element”, machines in motion.


The work process can continue as normal and is deliberately interrupted as little as possible. The result is images that do not seem staged.


With mobile Studio I come to your company and photograph your employees on site… and in such a way that the scenes are created naturally and as if from a real situation.


My aim is to visually highlight the attractiveness that a product has in its sector, to present functionality as a highlight.

Rooms / Interior

As a particularly creative way of presenting interiors such as shops, offices, practices, restaurants and furniture, etc., interior photographs are taken with great attention to detail and authenticity.

Trade Fairs

I photograph your trade fair appearance both deserted before the start of the trade fair and in a dynamic reportage style during the course of the trade fair.


The aim is to stage the event and the participants in the best possible way by choosing the right excerpt and perspective.


I develop basic visual motifs with recognition value that represent your company. From the idea to the draft to the elaboration.

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