I develop basic visual motifs with recognition value that represent your company.
From the idea to the draft to the elaboration.
For single campaigns or as perpetual key visual.

Campaign: Focus on Performance

Here is a key visual, which I designed and implemented for STEULER KCH / Steuler-Group.

It was created from two photos: a brickwork of refractory bricks in the industrial park LyondellBasell / LyondellBasellIndustries in Wesseling, as well as a construction site in the “Pupille”. The reflection and deformation created a pair of eyes reminiscent of a predator, matching the slogan of the campaign “FOCUS ON PERFORMANCE”. Among other things, the key visual was printed twice on the front page of the industry magazine “Refractories Worldforum”, on the trade fair stand at the GIFA in Düsseldorf and on a 40-ton truck of the forwarding agency SKS.

Steuler Key Visual Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf

Campaign: Focus on Precision

Here is an image picture, which I also shot for the company STEULER-KCH / Steuler-Group. High-quality ceramic products for the powder metallurgical industry. A representative picture to draw the attention of potential customers to the exhibition stand.

Steuler Key Visual Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf

Here at the World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition in Hamburg, as well as on the back of the industry magazine Ceramic Forum International.

Storytelling in the image picture

I create concepts for illustrative image images.

Campaign „RECOVERY"

“Through very complex sorting and professional processing, residual materials and mixtures, which are initially regarded as waste, are processed back into recyclable materials. The used or worn, slag-covered or infiltrated part of the return material is very carefully separated from the unused, i.e. intact part. Only the recyclable material is recycled and processed into a premium product.

In this way, resources are conserved and recyclable material flows are used sensibly and comprehensively by preserving and returning them to the cycle.
This process enables a degree of independence from the non-European raw materials market.”

The process described above should be reproduced in an image photo. The golden colouring describes the valuable raw material that is processed into the premium product like a skyline in front of a rising sun.


Recovery Industriefotografie Hennef STORYTELLING IM IMAGE-BILD von Jennifer Wolf Fotografie Key Visual Wettbewerb Unternehmerverband
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