Even a “thought” can be visually represented by photographic stylistic means.

Tondl Energietechnik Neunkirchen Solaranlage Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf
Invisible properties

If the core offer of your company does not consist of a “material” product, but of service or “ideas”, it is possible to find symbols to make this “invisible” visible.

The complexity of a machine.
The efficiency of man and technology.
The know-how of your employees.
The strength of your employees as a team.

Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf
Emotional images with personality

With mobile studio I come to your company and photograph your employees on site. Individually or in a team, against a neutral background or in your working environment.

Your own employees usually represent the company best, because they know the product, feel connected to it and radiate it – even people with no camera experience.

When shooting people, I always photograph in such a way that the scenes are created naturally and as if from a real situation.

Industriefotografie Hennef Jennifer Wolf Key Visual Teamfoto Steuler Höhr-Grenzhausen
Suggestive image content

By conscious line guidance in the picture persons or objects are framed or products are arranged in such a way that it supports the advertising effect.

For the viewer, these psychological aspects are not obvious, but have a subconscious effect.

In the upper picture each person presents a product. The deliberately arranged different height at which the product is held creates the impression of a promising, ascending line. (The red arrows serve only for clarification.)

Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf
Competence - Credibility - Authenticity

In the example above, it was my task to present the assembly team as a strong, competent team with know-how. In the chosen perspective, the people are “framed” by the masonry, which supports the team effect.

I largely refrain from direct instructions on facial expressions or poses that the people should adopt. Instead I explain the desired effect, the goal and involve the people in the creation of the picture.

In this way, no situation arises in which a person feels at the mercy of the camera and automatically adopts a natural and believable attitude.

Industrie Fotografie Industriefotografie Hennef Jennifer Wolf Steuler Höhr-Grenzhausen
Giving a product the big stage

In industry, I often have to deal with products or scenes that at first glance have a rather sober appearance.

Dusty construction sites or production halls, dirt, smoke, supposedly confusing machine housings…

My aim is to visually highlight the attractiveness of a product in its sector and to present its functionality as a highlight.

Every construction site, every production hall or workplace can become a “stage”. Photographed in dynamic perspectives, interesting light or focus sequences, every product suddenly gets a bombastic presence without being distorted or changed.

Hochofen Voest Linz Abstich Industriefotografie Jennifer Wolf
On-site photography

Many products, machines or services can only be shown in their actual use at the respective customer in their functionality.

Photographing, especially in industrial parks, requires a photographer’s permit in advance. However, at the request of the company, it is usually possible without any problems to obtain such a photographer’s permit from the plant operator in order to have a project photographed for advertising purposes.

If you wish, I would be happy to contact you or arrange an appointment with the respective contact person and ask about the conditions and requirements applicable there.

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